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What is Cashmere ?

Cashmere is one of  fine, soft and strong fibers. Cashmere is an extracted hair from the manufacture of Hircus Goat mantle, original from Himalayan region, located at about 4.000 m of altitude. Now a days these specific race is raised in Nepal, Tibet, China, Mongalia.  These goat produces a particularly thin, soft and warm texture that permits it to survive with temperatures of -40°.  Cashmere provides a natural light weight insulation without bulk.

The finest cashmere usually comes from the back and shoulders of the goats. Fibers from the belly and hind area may be usable because they are fine fibers, but they are usually too short to make quality wool. They can be mixed with other fibers though to make quality material, just not quality cashmere wool. Shorter fibers have a tendency to "pill," whereas longer fibers are easier to spin and don't pill as easily when they're woven into garments. Cashmere comes naturally in white, gray and brown, but the wool is easily dyed.

Garments made of cashmere were once only available to royalty because the rarity of the wool increased its value. Cashmere is brand of luxuary.

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